Comoros Political Attempt

Comortech_Kartala(In Comoran Language Chikomori) With recent event in Moroni, Court judgment undergoing for political attempt by foreign mercenaries group in hand of Comoros Islands authorities. Mr Zidini in the voice of Kartala Moroni 97 MHz Founder is explaining the danger of today plan for the near to Come presidential elections and You can follow more in coming event in the voice of Comortech, the Media Holding Group in its distributed Media technologies around the World and devices. Continue reading

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Turkish Schools view in Africa – Comoros

president-sambiThe ex-president of Comoros Abdallah Mohamed Sambi in whose country there is not a Turkish School, said: “Turkish Schools have changed the way Africans see the white people and I can’t wait to see a Turkish School in my own country”.

CİHAN YENİLMEZ, AYTEN ÇİFTÇİ İSTANBUL – Nov. 23, 2011 Continue reading

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Comoros on image with Comortech

Slide9Among the ISLANDS rich on their nature, Comoros is one of the most ideal place whether for family travel, business activity, Travel & Tourism or even in multiple purpose. Today Comoros provides values that are not yet explored and remain the main objectives leadership of Comortech to position these values in several audiences such as the web, tablet devices, mobile handsets, satellite TVs and any supported Connected machine ! Continue reading

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The Comortech Brand

ComorTech Logo 2013 v2Comortech is an experience innovation for a new spirit of Comoros Development. We put challenges behind ourselves and result process oriented front our ambitions; Media content, education, entertainment, technologies, research & development, telecom services, travel & tourism to name the few. Continue reading

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