Inscientech Institute Opening 2016-2017

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Technical Specialization, INSCIENTECH provides you with acquisitions capabilities and skills:

  • Electrical Technician, the student must be able to analyze and evaluate the electrical system of a company in all its aspects (technical, material and financial) to provide solutions to its installation and optimization.
  • Technician Audio Visual, The student must master not only the tools that are possible to implement a system of broadcasting feature to make strategic decisions but must also be in the same time be able to understand the management operation audio visual systems of radio and television in order to identify the relevant indicators to their implementation and maintenance.
  • Resources Management Administrator, The responsibilities to which heading this training to more or less long term, the specialty of the students will be able to lead a team. This aspect of their craft is seen from two angles. From a human point of view first, they must be able to control a group of people and to get them to achieve a common goal. From a financial management perspective, specifications and then they must be able to manage the team budget.
  • Project Management Professional, Linked to basic skills previously acquired, project management and competence add a professional dimension. Indeed, in addition to the human and financial management of the team, the student must demonstrate sufficient technical expertise to assess the costs and time of implementation of a multimedia project, breakdown the project tasks delegate to group members based on their skills. These skills are acquired jointly by the lessons provided at the institute but also by the experience gained in this field through internships, team collaboration activities with professional management tools that will be provided by INSCIENTECH Projects & specialized professionals.

Inscientech - Course Introduction

Inscientech - Course Details

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